Microsoft, India, Pakistan

This thing is some trivia from a weekly Macintosh magazine:

India Map

Windows international

Microsoft may want to control the world, but India may have to stand as the exception to Microsoft's rule.

It seems officials in that country discovered that the Windows 95 time zone map doesn't correctly display the borders for the northern region of Kashmir. Having already warred with Pakistan over this very point, the Indian government didn't hesitate to rattle its economic sabers in Microsoft's direction, immediately threatening to ban all sales of Windows 95 in India along with everything else with a Micorsoft logo.

This would even include Mac Word 6.0.1, which shows exactly how serious India views this affront. Since mollifying India's concerns involves changing only a few pixels, a settlement between two of the planet's important powers should be devised in short order.

That is, unless the company makes more money in Pakistan.