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Kapadia Education Foundation - Financial Assistance for College in Developing Countries
Financial Assistance for College, to Students in Developing Countries
Kapadia Education Foundation is a philanthropic organization founded to help students achieve their educational goals through direct involvement between a sponsor/mentor (you) and a student. 

By helping students advance their education, we empower them to solve their community's social problems, end poverty and remove barriers that lead to ignorance and despair. Each student that we can help educate is one more life changed, and one more step towards making the world a better place. We see this change in the 100 students who have benefited from our sponsorship to become teachers, engineers, social workers, businessmen, scientists and entrepreneurs. 

Our students' success rate is 100%. All 70 students that have been sponsored have graduated and it looks promising for the 30 sponsored students currently in college or university. 

Many students have sent us letters of appreciation.   

The Next Generation of Students

We're celebrating 100 students sponsored! In order for us to sponsor the next 100 students we need more donors.

$20 will help. $100 will change someone's life forever. (And we wouldn't say no to $1000!)

You May Qualify

If you are a student in a developing country you may qualify for sponsorship by the Kapadia Education Foundation. If you meet all of our requirements, please see our How to Apply page.

The David Asplund Scholarship Fund

To all who contributed to the David Asplund Scholarship Fund, a very heartfelt Thank You! We received over $14,570 in contributions and have already sponsored four worthy students.

Every student benefiting from the Kapadia Education Foundation pledges to "pay-it-forward" upon graduation. Prior to graduating they each create a plan to help others in their home country, and give this plan to their Sponsor. For example, they can pledge to do volunteer work for 5 hours per week at a local orphanage, or provide financial support of 25% of the cost of a college education for another student.

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