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Kapadia Education Foundation is a philanthropic organization, founded for the purpose of helping underprivileged students in underdeveloped countries obtain a secular college education in their home countries through direct involvement between a Sponsor/Mentor and a student. Assistance is provided only to students attending academically accredited institutions and following a course of studies leading to a specified professional, scientific, or technical career. The Foundation does not support religious or political studies.

The philosophy behind this foundation is threefold:

1) That higher education is an invaluable benefit to any worthy student, his family and his community;
2) That any person who has ever been helped by the gift of a stranger is a potential Sponsor or Mentor, and that every student benefiting from this program is a potential future Sponsor or Mentor, whether through this foundation or through any other act;
3) That the concept of ‘paying-it-forward’ is a necessary part of sustainable human kindness and spirit.

Our program is based on frequent personal communication between student and sponsor. Each Student Candidate pledges to write or email their sponsor at least once per month during their college career. They agree to freely ask their Sponsor for non-financial help such as advice or opinions related to college studies that may help them succeed in college. The sponsor gets the satisfaction of following their Sponsored Student's progress and growth. Success Stories of some of our successful students illustrate how our program works.

The foundation initiates and administers the financial and personal support between sponsor and candidate in the following ways:

1) Find needy students in underdeveloped countries, and generate a database of potential Student Candidates;
2) Find financial sponsors and Mentors willing to support Student Candidates through direct, one-on-one contact;
3) Initiate, encourage and otherwise support each sponsor/Student Candidate relationship through the entire period of sponsorship until graduation;
4) Follow up with each successful graduate and encourage him or her to become a Sponsor or Mentor to future Student Candidates in his or her home country.

100% of all financial contributions from each sponsor go towards the direct expenses of tuition, room, board and educational supplies for the sponsor's student. It is expected that annual costs of sponsoring a student will be $600 or less. Sponsorship contributions will be limited to either $600 per year, or full tuition, room, board and educational supplies, whichever is less. Candidate Students agree not ask not to ask their Sponsor for any additional funds.

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